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Hardwood floor refinishing cost

hardwood floor refinishing costDespite the durable quality of hardwood, it only looks as good as the surface finish. Some scratches, dents, and stains all mark the floor and make it look unsightly, indicating time to refinish your floors. The process is rather time consuming, but generates the best results that have your floors looking brand new. Heavy foot traffic, various physical damages and even exposure to sunlight can cause your floor’s beauty to fade. Instead of buying new floors, hardwood floor refinishing would be a cheaper and easier option.

Although basic refinishing can be done without professional help, we do not recommend that as a slight mistake can ruin your floors. In today’s competitive price world, refinishing hardwood floors don’t cost a lot. The process starts with Sanding if there is a waxy finish over the polyurethane layer, the finish has faded or the floor is damaged. Our craftsmen start by determining the gradient of grit sandpaper required and the number of sanding passes required for each site. The age, type of finish and condition of the wood used on the floor will determine how sanding passes are required. The equipment used are a professional drum sander, circular edge sander and a hand scraper that removes old finish from all possible areas.

After complete sanding, a fine grit silicon carbide sanding screen is used on the floor with an upright polishing machine to ensure the wood has been smoothened out. The floor is then vacuumed and cleaned with a damp towel to remove dust. You have the choice of 3 basic finishing procedures – Natural, Stained and white. Natural finish is when a clear coating of polyurethane is applied to the surface which renders the wood a light amber color.

Stained involves a wood stain being applied, which can be tested for color prior to full application for better color matching. It is for cosmetic purposes only, after which a layer of polyurethane is applied for protection. White process involves the use of wood bleach and a ‘white’ wood stain, after which a protective coat of non – yellowing water based polyurethane, is applied as a final finish.

Hardwood floor refinishing cost per Square Foot

cost to refinish hardwood floorsHardwood floors need a certain amount of maintenance to keep them looking like brand new. You ,might recoatiing and screening your hardwood floors every 5 years. At average, floor refinishing companies rates are between $2.99 and $4.00 per sq. foot to refinish hardwood floors (sanding and at least 2 costs of water based finish) and $0.50 – $1.00 per sq. foot for staining.

Hardwood floor refinishing costs vary from area to area, but we provide you with competitive pricing and a price-match guarantee. Refinishing your hardwood floors needn’t be an expensive affair. Just get in touch with us at to get a free quote. Our company provide all type of hardwood floor refinishing service in all major cities of USA and Canada.



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