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Are you looking for hardwood floor refinishing services in Vancouver?

Our professional installers team for Hardwood floor refinishing in Vancouver area is fully certified and equipped to the benefits of our clients.

5-stage process of refinishing hardwood for excellent results

We are happy to provide one of the best hardwood floor refinishing services in Vancouver. In order to offer a full set of refinishing services, we sand, stain and finish hardwood floors with high professional and ecological standards to guarantee our customers dustless, clean, certified refinishing. If your floor is damaged, stained or has wax over the finish, we’ll need to sand to bare wood for optimal results. Satisfaction and win-win experience during flooring restoration is our priority. High level skills coupled with certified technologies, will make your home or office an exquisite space without any hassle. In addition, we offer labour warranty and renewed value of your floors to ease your peace of mind.

hardwood floor refinishing in Vancouver

Signs that you need hardwood floor refinishing services

If you’re still unsure if your hardwood floor needs refinishing, try this little experiment. Place a few drops of water on the floor, and if the water disappears in slowly over a course of few minutes, your hardwood flooring just needs usual maintenance: cleaning and polishing. However, if the water soaks in directly, that’s a sure indicator that refinishing is long overdue. You should probably continue with our 5 stage refinishing process which we offer in the Vancouver area: book an appointment, consultant on-site with us, confirmation and preparation, floor restoration, and last but not the least clean up followed by work completion.

Hardwood floor refinishing Vancouver

Moreover, as important as choosing the right materials for hardwood floor refinishing, is finding the right flooring refinishing company in Vancouver. To avoid squeaking, bumpy floors, hardwood expansion-related problems or early floor deterioration, the professional flooring company is what you should be looking for. Therefore, we are determined to comply with the highest industry standards. Whatever the choice, our installers could add value to your space by giving you professional advice and important tips. Then we take care of the rest. Either you are a construction company or homeowner; we will make ourselves useful by delivering quality services in compliance with your needs and best expectations.

Last, but not the least is: you don’t have to use the same type of flooring throughout your entire home.  Experiment with different materials, textures, define and segregate spaces in your home. To get a professional advice and help, contact us for a free on-site estimation.

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