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Affordable refinishing hardwood floors service in the Vancouver area

Your home floor is your canvas, maintain it well!

There are certain benefits of hardwood flooring refinishing which need to be listed, in order to get the big picture of the significance and value of proper maintenance and installation of hardwood flooring. For example, when properly maintained, hardwood flooring can last from 35 till even 100 years! Maintenance itself is not that demanding, as it is usually thought, hardwood flooring is one of the easiest floor covers to upkeep, sometimes only lacking a humid mop, but sometimes professional restoring of the hardwood is necessary.

If maintained well, they will keep their value to increase, i.e. real estate with installed hardwood flooring sells not only quicker, but also for higher prices comparable to those with other kind of floor tops. One less known characteristic of homes with hardwood floors regularly maintained and refurbished is that they offer improved air quality. Hardwood flooring refinishing is the simple prevention of allergies in Vancouver area, as it normally minimizes dust and air contaminations in your home or office.  Last but not the least, wood comes from sustainable forest environments, especially many exotic woods are from such environments which are certified as sustainable.

One of our Projects: Before, In progress and After restoring hardwood floors services in Vancouver

BC Floors Refinishing hardwood floors Vancouver

We offer hardwood refinishing services in the Vancouver area (sanding, staining, finishing) in a professional and dedicated manner. Our team differs from an average one and is known for its attention to detail and unique flooring solutions. For leveling to work, one need to be very thorough and skilled, how to apply the pressure.

With our hardwood refinishing services in Vancouver you can rely on great expertise and hands-on approach. In order to offer you added value service, we are able to pride with our free on-site consultations and estimation. After that, based on your needs, budget and working area, we are able to supply you with a variety of choices and prices for dustless, clean, and certified restoration service. The decision on a proper flooring services is not an easy one, that’s why our services are insured. A project plan with milestones, activity schedule and other professional terms would give you a good overview of the whole refinishing hardwood process.

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