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Before The Hardwood Floor Refinishing company was founded, the founders had been working in the flooring industry for almost 10 years providing hardwood restoration and wood floor refinishing services. With years of hands-on experience, they decided to start a company that would implement three main objectives – build a team of trusted professionals, utilize the most effective equipment and comply with the most recent green technologies. As of today, it’s all at your service. 

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99% dust-free Wood floor refinishing

Having hardwood floors is very rewarding. Every single piece of this 100% natural material has its own distinguished character, its unique look. When well maintained, hardwood floors keep sharing their warmth, comfort and beauty for decades. Another perk of having hardwood floors is that they can be turned into like-new ones a number of times per their lifetime. If your floors beauty seems to fade under the pressure of high foot traffic, exposure of the sun or various physical damages (dents, scratches), shopping for new hardwood floors is not the only solution. Hardwood floor refinishing really does the magic! The process includes sanding hardwood floors, staining (if you are willing to change the original colour) and applying new layers of coat. It allows our customers get the desired results and save on replacing the floors. We have been refinishing hardwood floors in commercial and residential buildings and premises for years. To schedule a FREE consultation and find out about all options available, please contact our experts in your area. It is highly recommended to have an in-home consultation prior to commencing the project as our specialist will inspect the floors for thickness to make sure sanding is possible.

Sandless hardwood floor refinishing in vancouver

Sandless hardwood floor refinishing

When floor damages are minor, there is no need for sanding the surface. Sandless hardwood floor refinishing will take care of it. Sandless floor refinishing removes the old finish only and does not touch the wood itself. Then the floors are recoated. By renewing a protecting layer of coat in time, you can certainly extend the life of your hardwood floors and restore their beauty. To find out if sandless hardwood floor refinishing would work for you, please contact us. One of our experts will be happy to inspect your floors and take all required measurements.

Stairs Refinishing in vancouver bc

Stairs refinishing

Even though stair refinishing basically consists of  the same steps as floor refinishing – sanding and re-coating, it is a more demanding type of work. It involves a lot of detail-oriented work, takes quite a bit of time and requires some certain set of skills. As with hardwood floor refinishing, you can opt to get your stairs stained or bring back the natural beauty of the wood without changing the colour. Either way you will get an absolutely stunning rejuvenated staircase. To get a quote and see our samples, please contact our experts in your area.

Hardwood floor repair and Installation vancouver

Hardwood floor repair and installation

If your hardwood floors are worn out, faded or scuffed, refinishing hardwood floors can solve most of the problems. But if the damage goes too deeply into the wood, some repairs might be required first or instead. Depending on the damage nature, we can either repair a troubled area or replace some damaged planks. Our specialists have a very solid experience in hardwood floor repairing and none of the projects are too small or too complicated. We utilize the best equipment, tools and techniques to restore floors to perfection.

Furniture refinishing in Vancouver

Furniture refinishing and restoration

Real wood furniture carries the same benefits as hardwood floors. It is made of 100% natural solid material that can be refinished. Furniture refinishing requires a certain level of professionalism, but it is very rewarding to work with the wood. In the hands of the craftsman, the wood shows its real beauty again. To put it simply, we remove the top worn out surface and bring back a fresh look to your furniture. Depending on the size of your piece, we either perform our work at your location or our workshop.

Kitchen cabinet refacing and refinishing vancouver

Kitchen cabinet refacing and refinishing

If you plan on updating your kitchen, but getting new cabinets does not exactly fit in your budget, you should certainly consider other options – kitchen cabinet refacing and refinishing. Refacing kitchen cabinets is replacing all existing door and drawer fronts which is significantly more affordable than new kitchen installation. Refinishing kitchen cabinets is restoring existing hardware by stripping the old paint, fixing up all dents, priming and painting the surface. You won’t recognize your kitchen once we finish it all up – like brand new!

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