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While Your Flooring is Your Canvas, Professional Refinishing can Brand it a Work of Art, Remarkable Finish Every Time and Complete Removal of the Existing Finish

Wood floors are well known and enjoyed for their supply room with warmth and elegance, in addition to providing hard-wearing surface and enduring appearance. While all other flooring products become obsolete hardwood floors with regular refinishing services cultivate a look which turn into superior with age. Nevertheless, time will always take its toll even on the premium hardwood floors, which could make you decide to cover the floor up with a rug. In order to be able to show it off to your friends and family for the longest number of years, you need to recognize when is the time for professional hardwood floor restoration?

How do you determine if your floor is in need of a refinishing? There are certain marks that you cannot ignore: light scratches on the surface and discoloration could be solved with a cleaning and one layer of finish – that could be all that is needed to bring it back to original shine and polish of the wood. There are other cases when floors are marked with deep bruises and stains have taken their toll, imbedded where the finish has already been worn off, you might need to consider refinishing.Hardwood refinishing experts in could make a visit on-site for free to decide and estimate on the necessary depth of work needed and investment preparation. When your hardwood floors need  refinishing and it has already seen better days, it is definitely time to get it refinished we hope we could help you.


Why choose to refinishing your hardwood floors

hardwood floor refinishing what to expect

Here are some details to help you see the big picture: satisfaction guarantee – we don’t call the job finished until you confirmed that you are 100% satisfied. There is always possibility to restore the original finish to any kind of hardwood floor. We don’t leave any mess behind as it is dust-free hardwood refinishing, during sanding and staining the floor. Custom staining could be a perfect option for you, since changing the color of hardwood could be the only sustainable solution. In addition, in high traffic areas there is additional coating by seasoned hardwood floor refinishing specialist with over decade of experience.

We know that no one prefers to live their lives in restoration mode. To have your hardwood floors refinished and looking attractive on one hand, and the rest of the house left in layers of dust that takes months to clean up is unsatisfying experience, after all that effort one made to improve his or her living. We can offer a technology of dust free sanding and staining system. In order to avoid using textile bags, which have a tendency to get holes and release dust, a high-powered vacuum system as the next generation replacement of dust containers. Moreover, the system is improved by using so called cyclonic separators and special Hepa filters which leave no traces of dust behind, as the found in industry.

The process is done in three stages: the plastic is hanged to protect surfaces and close off doorways trapping dust in the room that is being sanded.Second the highly efficient vacuum system mentioned is being used, which is improved with the help of cyclonic separators that efficiently sift and keep all dust away from your home during sanding process. All horizontal surfaces around the area being worked upon are maintained well, as a final guarantee that the sanding is done meticulously. After all, we want you to be able to put your feet up and appreciate your new hardwood floor.

Why choose us to refinishing your hardwood floors

We appreciate that whether you’re getting your floors refinished, repaired or newly installed, you want the entire process from start to finish staying in a life as usual mode. Our welcoming, caring consultant staff will go extra mile to make sure that not all parties will have a smile on their face. Staining is an excellent way to alter the appearance of hardwood flooring with preserving the natural splendors and appeal of the wood floors. Staining is only one part of the hardwood floor refinishing process, but it can have the major impact and consequence on the appearance of your floors, and thus the whole space you own.

When considering refinishing your hardwood floors, you first need to decide whether you want to get them restored back to their original appearance or you want to change their look. If the first case is true, then no stain is necessary – the sanding itself and finish coats will make your floors as good as new. In second,case staining is essential part of the process, if you want to drastically change the visual look of your home. As style and trends change, wood flooring stays in style, whether you are natural, stained or a darker tone. However, interior design trends will sometimes deeper tones of the color spectrum over lighter ones. Actually, nothing adds more class, or unique to your household than a custom stain to suite your accessories and other elements of interior design. What it does, a custom stain brings in more flexibility of choosing tanned, brown or adequate woodsy colors which goes well together with hardwood or if you are daring enough, you can go wild by including deep reds or muted, matted gray shades.

We have a variety of flooring stains in an endless range of shades and nuances. Interestingly, when the application has been performed, the color tones usually vary a little, which depends on the particular kind of wood flooring getting stained, color due to the fact that the stain penetrates deeper. At the same time, the wood floors which are made of softer wood can get blemished when stained, which makes a smooth application problematic. While oak density hardwood floors stain effortlessly and evenly. For example, the color samples which we provide by the stain producers are manufactured in Oak. Whatever the case, our staff will evaluate what type of hardwood floors you possess, so you will not have to worry about whether your hardwood will stain evenly. Our recommendation for a particular type of stain will successfully match the color scheme you desire.

Unlike painting one cannot simply smear stain over the existing state of hardwood flooring. Like the process of refinishing hardwood floor, staining first needs preparation and removal of the existing finish. All layers of the old hardwood floor finish must be sanded off carefully, with the wood grain. The floors are then ready to get stain applied. You can get a custom stain done on your floors – just give us a call and we would be more than happy service your hardwood floors with refinishing, sanding and staining.

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