Professional hardwood floor refinishing in Ottawa, ON, will bring your floors back to life.

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Sanding, Staining & Refinishing hardwood floors in the Greater Ottawa Region Since 1999

If your once stunning hardwood floors get dull, scratched or even gouged, it does not necessarily mean they have to be replaced. Sanding & Refinishing hardwood floors will bring that luxurious look back and save you a fortune. Moreover, you can either get the original finish back or go for a custom staining if you desire some interior changes.

With the use of new technologies, proven materials and our expertise, we are able to provide these services in the most comfortable and stressless way for you: 99% dust free, odor-free and eco-friendly. Our professionals will be happy to assist you at every stage of the hardwood floor refinishing process. Start with our FREE in-home consultation to explore all the options available to you. We specialize in both residential and commercial hardwood floor refinishing in the Greater Ottawa Region.

Local, Certified, Experienced, and Fully Insured Hardwood Floor Refinishing Contractor in Ottawa, ON

We are a perfect fit for your hardwood floor refinishing project! Offering contractor direct rates across our 2300+ happy clients, working 20+ years in business, with 50+ 5-star reviews.
“This refinishing team did an excellent job refinishing our Brazilian cherry floors. They gave a detailed explanation of the options and performed the work on budget, on time, and as expected. Super easy to work with, very responsive, would recommend!”.
Eadie Kaltenbacher
“Very impressed with this company! My engineered floors were sanded and stained and look fantastic. Walter and Cezar were professional, knowledgeable, on time and the price I paid was very reasonable. I would definitely recommend this company”.
Susan Kaiser
“Used the sandless refinishing service. From estimate to actual work, guys were professional, respectful, on time and knowledgeable. They answered all the questions we had and helped guide us to the right process for our engineered hardwood floor in our condo. Very happy with the final results.”
Randy Friesen

Hardwood Floors Refinishing Before & After

We have sanded, repaired, stained & refinished over 2,000 various hardwood floors and counting. We bring sad looking hardwood floors back to life! Furthermore, we not only make them look great again, we can assess and fix all technical issues, such as: gaps, cracks, separations, waves, subfloors squeaks, etc.

Below are some of our recent Before & After photos from a few of our Ottawa refinishing projects:


Hardwood Refinishing Services in Ottawa:

Our Hardwood Refinishing Crew is Capable of Handling Any Refinishing Project, From a Small Hardwood Repair & Some Hardwood Flooring Add-Ons to a Complete Hardwood Sanding, Staining and Refinishing with or without Wood Flooring Installation.

All-in-one Hardwood Floor Refinishing: Sanding, Repairs, Staining & Finishing.

When it comes to hardwood floor renewal, refinishing hardwood floors is the best solution known so far. You get the look of new floors without spending a fortune on new floor installation. Floor refinishing can handle a number of the most common physical damages such as, scratches, dents, stains and worn floor areas. It gives plenty of room for redesigning as you can change the colour and finish. Plus, it certainly brings a healthier environment into your place as cleaning becomes so much easier with a new floor coating. You can only benefit from professionally done hardwood floor refinishing – no dust, no mess, no hassle. To schedule a free in-home consultation, please contact our experts.

Installations. Add-ons. On-Site Stain Demo.

We do professional hardwood floors installation, add-ons or extension of your existing wood floors – we will match the wood floors type, plank size and species. Repairs can be used for minor damages, but in case of pet stains and deep scratches, water damages and spot burns – we can replace individual planks and perfectly match them to the original hardwood flooring in terms of species, dimensions and even natural wood aging. But one of our most requested services is on-site life stain demonstration. This is the ONLY option to see what you will get at the end. We can demonstrate selected or custom stain finishes, so you can see how new floors will affect your living space.

Here are some reasons to refinish your hardwood floor.

Hardwood floors can be a great investment for your home, lasting for decades with a minimal amount of daily maintenance. However, it’s important to have them refinished every 7 to 10 years to keep them protected from permanent damage. There are a number of reasons why it’s important to choose a talented and knowledgeable hardwood flooring contractor:

  • Your floors are one of the most essential features in your home. Whether you are entertaining friends and family or planning to sell, new hardwood floors add stunning value to your home.
  • Before you think about installing a new floor, speak with our expert team. Our crew may be able to help save you money by refinishing your existing floors.
  • When you choose us for your hardwood floor refinishing, we’ll apply a seal coat that protects it from water, dirt, and scratches.
  • Choosing a professional for your hardwood refinishing will keep your floors looking gorgeous for years to come.

Residential Hardwood Floor Refinishing

You may notice that your home’s hardwood floors have become dull, scratched, and dirty over time. Once the protective layer of coating wears off, you’ll notice more scratches and dents, which allows dirt to settle into your hardwood. However, you don’t have to install new floors. We offer hardwood floor refinishing services for residential customers. Most hardwood floors need to be refinished every seven to ten years. Whether you’re planning on moving or updating your home’s look, we can refinish hardwood floors that have: sun damage, wear and tear, gouges and damage.

Commercial Hardwood Floor Refinishing

If you own a business, it’s important that you make a great impression on customers and employees. Refinishing your hardwood floors can positively impact the ambiance of your company. Our company provides commercial refinishing services for business owners throughout the area.

A Few Great Reasons To Choose Us For Your Project


True Expertise

In refinishing hardwood floors, final results fully depend on floor refinishers, their dignity and professionalism. We know what it takes to get the highest quality outcome in our industry – extensive experience, proven working techniques, genuine attention and dedication. We guarantee we’ve got it all.


Contractor Price

We are willing to make every effort to save your time and money without sacrificing the quality of the service. Our price match policy allows our customers to get the best price available on the market. Enjoy Contractor Direct Prices On Refinishing Services & Manufacturer Direct Prices on Supplies. 


Labour Warranty

There are always industry standards at play to guarantee some basic quality results and general safety. To get the finest quality, professionalism and ethical standards should come in place. We are a team of experts with a great level of dignity and integrity. We always provide labour warranty on our services.

Our Hardwood Floor Refinishing Process

When you choose us for your hardwood floor refinishing project, we’ll provide you with the very best service and care. We have decades of experience helping home and business owners return their floors to their former glory. Our comprehensive refinishing process includes:

Preparing Your Floors

After the furniture is moved, we’ll prepare the room for sanding by covering vents and ensuring that no dust will settle on surfaces in other areas of your home.

Dustless Sanding

Using a dustless sanding machine, we significantly reduce the amount of dust caused by refinishing hardwood floors.

Hardwood Staining

When you refinish your home’s hardwood floor, choosing the right wood stain colour is one of the most exciting parts. We offer a wide variety of stain colours, so you can completely transform your home.

Add the Finish

We’ll apply a durable wood finish that will not only protect your floors from future damage but also give them a beautiful shine.

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